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It is almost impossible to set a fixed date for your wedding until and unless you don't have a wedding reception or a wedding venue booked. This is the reason for why it is extremely important to deal with this matter and do it  before you run out of time.  You can start looking for a reception or a venue through search engines. At the same time, you could definitely acquire assistance and advice from your friends and relatives. Once you have short listed the locations, the key thing is to pay a visit to each and every site and inquire about every detail from the manager. You could jot down notes and questions regarding the venue. After going through each and every venue, the most difficult task is up ahead, selecting the venue! You can begin the process for preparations once you have firmly decided upon the venue.


Many reception venues include the entire wedding package, some which include reception decorations and equipment, while some only offer catering services or the room only. This is the reason why is is very important to interview the representative or the manager of the venue before you could finally decide. You need to make sure that the manager or head personnel is there during your special day so that the entire even could run smoothly. There are different companies that specialize in wedding venues aswell, and can cater for your needs. Hence, try to give them a call.

One key notes to remember is that do not book a venue that can  accommodate matrimonial event at the very same as yours. What you need is a venue that will give you full attention. Your goal is to focus the staffs' attention entirely on your special occasion. Ask the person in charge or the manager if they can include a catering service with the package they have to offer. If the answer is no, then you need to find your own cookery.

Another thing which you need to check promptly in a wedding reception is whether the restroom amenities are available. You should try to assess the condition of the restroom and be sure that the capacity is enough to hold your guests. The ideal restroom should be atleast 2 in number for every 100 guests. You should also try to assess the premises if there are available handicapped accessible restrooms, elevators, and ramps for visitors who are disabled and bound to use a wheel chair. If you are going to have your wedding during summers, one important thing to question is whether a functioning air conditioner is available. This will provide comfort not only to you but to your guests as well.

Finally, once you have selected the perfect wedding venue, and you are happy with the services which they have to offer,  you need to sign a written agreement and ensure the contract includes all the things that you have discussed. At the same time, you might be asked for a down payment. 

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